Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Sunshine, shopping and sightseeing!

We've been lucky enough to have had last weekend away, to leave work and other "everyday elements" behind for three days. It's been nice to catch up with family,and also get out into the sunshine and not be thinking about anything else, not even work!
On Saturday we went shopping , something which isn't on my list of things to do, usually, but on this occasion it was different as we were shopping with our daughter and her husband. They are expecting their first baby in June and our third grandchild, so it was lovely to go into relevant shops and see what was on offer.
We managed to pick out a few things and also a couple of gifts for our other two grandchildren.
Shopping over we could then concentrate on other things. I'm still learning with my new camera, and over the weekend I took loads of shots in the hope that I could produce at least a couple of real crackers.

Landscapes are something I'm not very good at, but this picture captured the loveliness of the weather and the beauty of Broadway. It's a place we love to visit.
We also went to Hidcote, one of the most beautiful National Trust gardens in the area.

To see everything bursting into bloom was a spectacular sight, and one of the most stunning sights was this beautiful magnolia tree.

I have posted quite a few pictures on Flickr, so if you'd like to take a look please click on my Flickr badge and it'll take you there.
I always have a "project" with me when we're away. For the times when we're just sitting I still have to do something, I find it relaxing. This time it was some baby knitting, (of course!) and I'm working on a roses tapestry cushion, one of a pair. Hopefully they'll get finished soon!
But now we have returned home, I have to catch up on the housework and other things before I'm back to work on Thursday. But I'll have to make a few notes as I've come back home with a few ideas for some new craft projects. But first, it's the housework I suppose!
Bye for now, Linda

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