Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Over the last few years many things have changed, for all of us I suppose. The hours we work, the things we buy, (or don't buy) the holidays we take.
I was born in the 50's, 1956 to be exact (why worry about how old you are, it's only a number!) and brought up on this lovely stuff... tasted much better than what's on offer today!
Toys were simple...
..if bought, but I was fortunate enough to have parents who loved making things, and so many of my toys were handmade by my mother or father. My dad made me a rocking horse when I was small, and it stood in our tiny bedroom for a long time after I was too big to use it. He also made a dolls house and all the furniture and fittings and my mum made the dolls, their clothes and all the soft furnishings.
I can remember him coming home from work on a Friday evening with this...
.....and he had quite a collection,they were used many times. My mum had this book (amongst many)...
....which I still have, and from time to time still use.
Luxuries were few and far between, but I do remember my mum taking delivery of one of these... was so noisy. I dreaded Mondays!
The first home sewing machine was one of these...
....and I quickly learnt how to make things for my dollies and myself.
My mum and dad always told us that if you can make it yourself, do it.
they were great at recycling and looking at things with a " different eye" making something out of nothing.
We never ate shop bought bread, pies, cakes, they were always homemade. Curtains, bedcovers, most clothes, were made. I was taught to knit when I was four, and have never really stopped!
My dad made furniture, toys, he even made a garden shed for our tiny garden. I think I was lucky that I did grow up in a practical household.
This is why I am who I am. I have friends, even some family members who think nothing of "splashing the cash" on some item that I wouldn't even consider buying. They just spend without even thinking, then wonder where their money has gone because they have no idea what they've spent it on.
They are far too busy to even contemplate on even trying to make something for themselves.
I was asked the other day about a throw I'd made ( pictures are on my handmade blog) and was told "Oh I just don't have the time to do anything like that, I just buy things when I want them"! This came from someone who has no hobbies as such, and feels that making things is boring!
To me, my time is just as valuable as my money. I've never been one to sit for hours in front of the telly, I have to be doing something productive. Besides, there isn't much worth watching on the telly! It's not just the fact that you've saved money by " doing it yourself" it's the fact that no matter how small the project is, you have used your precious time to make it, it's going to last a long time, and most of all it's the sense of acheivement and satisfaction you have of knowing it's all your work. If I see something I like in a shop window, book or wherever, I will try to recreate something similar. I don't try to copy, as I prefer to put my own "stamp" on things.
Today we all need to know exactly where our money goes, but it's vital to know where your time goes, because that is precious too and just as valuable!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Sunshine

Blue sky..... wellies.....
......rosy cheeks....
....and little brother watching..
...Sunday funday!!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Forward thinking and a family gathering.

All this cold and snowy weather of late has got me thinking about the forthcoming spring. I'm really looking forward to longer days. In fact, even now it's nice not to put the lights on until after 5pm.
Mind you we've had some lovely sunsets of late....
...and some blue skies....
...but I'm so looking forward to spring!
We are reorganising our front garden and are looking for some new roses. So I've been perusing my David Austin roses book...
..a gift from Mick last year. I've been looking at this...
...I can almost smell the beautiful fragrance...
...the photographs are just wonderful, and there is so much information to read.... fact this book is full of so much information that it sends the mind racing, from gardening to craft projects. After all inspiration comes from everywhere!
In the meantime we've had a lovely family gathering... doesn't happen as often as we'd like. Carolines' husband is away on business overseas and she and the two children are staying with us. So this was a great opportunity to get Andy and Lyn and their children here too. A chance of a family group photo (almost everyone) for a change.
So whilst there's young children in the house, there's not much going on except playtime!!