Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Have a wonderful time xx

Monday, 21 December 2009

Midwinter's Day

Ever since I was a child, Midwinter's day has been a special day. Once reached, we know that the days once again, slowly begin to get longer, although it doesn't always seem that way. It was even better for me today, as I wasn't at work, unlike the last couple of years. So Mick and I were able to pull on our walking boots, open the front door and walk down the lane and on to the canalside.

It was a beautiful, bright but very cold day. Much of the canal was still frozen, but it was so beautiful. We didn't see a soul.....

I think everyone must have been shopping, rather them than me!
But the wildlife were having a ball. It's as if they know the significance of today. There was so much birdsong in the air, it was truly wonderful.
The swans were basking in the winter sun too....

One of them had a tricky moment though, deciding to make his way across the ice to see if we had anything for him to eat......

But I'm sure that he'd done this before, as he calmly decended into the water, after a few creaks and cracks of breaking ice!

His beautiful plumage glistening in the sunlight, like pearls.
Even the trees looked their naked best in the winter sunshine....

Then after a few miles walk, it was home to a bowl of home made leek and potato soup. What more could anyone ask? Maybe a couple of these....

Well I did do all my ironing afterwards, and a few other jobs too!
It has been a wonderful winters day. I know they all won't be like this, but this Midwinter's Day was perfect!
Bye for now, Linda

Friday, 4 December 2009

Catching up!!!!

Well, what a long time it's been since my last post. The last three months have been chaotic and traumatic at times, but we've come through it and that's the most important thing.
We had a lovely time with our daughter, husband and baby in September and the time just flew, as always. Our gorgeous little Mary-Ann is growing so quickly.

At the end of the month we managed to get away for a few days in the wonderful Peak District. Plenty of fresh air and walking, it was wonderful.
We even managed to eat most of our lunch when we stopped at Caudwells Mill.

The very next week, when we were back at work, Mick fell quite ill, and within a few days ended up in hospital having a major operation. Luckily he now has a clean bill of health but won't be back at work until the New Year. He's getting to the figity stage now, and wants to get back to work as well as get cracking with all the things we need to do in the back garden. But he'll just have to wait a few more weeks, and so will the garden!
For the last two weeks I've had the dreaded flu virus and have been in a totally useless state. I always think of myself as lucky, as I don't really suffer with coughs and colds, but this came right out of the blue and quickly. I took the five day Tamiflu course. Did it help? I don't really know, because "experts" say, that after about seven days, the virus burns itself out anyway. I do know one thing though, I really don't want that virus again.
I did make my Christmas cards, (luckily) before I was ill. Here's a few.....

the pictures are a bit grainy, I'm really out of practise with my camera!!!

I'm sure the recipients will love them.....

Now all I have to do is finish off the last few cards, all the elements are done they just have to be put together. Then I can concentrate on other Christmas things, like baking and the tree.
Fingers crossed, everything is back to normal now!
Bye for now, enjoy your weekend, Linda