Saturday, 3 August 2013

Travelling at the speed of light!!!!!

I was told we would have weeks like this, when everything seems to happen at once. We seem to have been travelling through the days at the speed of light just lately. We have caught up with family, friends, there have been birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations (and a sad one too)  but I think for the next few days we can get stuck into some of the things we had planned to do a while ago.

The garden is glorious and in all it's summer colour. The roses are having a great summer and have given us a multitude of beautiful flowers.
It really has been a good growing year...
....they just keep on coming...
It's been way too hot for me just lately. I know many people complain about the weather we have, ( there's no point in complaining really. You get what you get!) but with our temperate climate we get some of everything. I adore the cold days as much ( if nor more) that the hot days, but that's me!
Today the weather is just right, breezy and about 22 degrees.
I have lots planned for today, it's just a matter of how much I accomplish. a bit of gardening, maybe some ironing, catch up on emails, and time for some work on one of my digital projects. Later on we might just take a leisurely walk up to the marina and see if I can get some more wildlife shots along the canal tow path.
Busy but glorious days!