Monday, 9 March 2009

Retail therapy.

Shopping has never been very high on my lists of things to do. Maybe it's because my working life has been spent in either retail or banking.

I never shop in my lunch hour when I'm at work, nor do I do any shopping on my way home, if I'm on an early shift. I'd much rather get home and be doing something else.

We grocery shop fortnightly, apart from the fresh stuff which is needed every two or three days, any other shopping is left until necessary.

But there are occasions when shopping can be a real treat, like last weekend for instance. We had a weekend away in the caravan, at Rowntree Park in York.

I love York, it's such a wonderful place. There's so much to see and do.

This time we visited the Jorvik museum, we'd been meaning to visit for the last couple of years. it was so interesting and not just for kids!

We also went to the Railway museum, that in itself is a half day visit.

There are always plenty of opportunities to take some wonderful photographs, no matter what the weather, and I did take some with my new camera which I had for Christmas, but this visit I really did do some shopping.

I've been looking for ages for some pink baby yarn, real pink, not the bland grey pinks which are everywhere. I hadn't been very successful when looking last year, as I was desperate to find some to knit for our forthcoming granddaughter (who is now eight months old).

Well I came across a simply wonderful wool shop in The Shambles, Sheepish Wools. They have such a wonderful array of yarns, none of which I've seen here in Derby. I could have spent a fortune, but I bought only what I needed as I have several projects on the go for our expected granddaughter, and only three months to make them all in. I'm sure I'll be paying another visit later on in the year looking for other lovely yarns, as I'm already scouring my patterns for sizes beyond three months!

I also bought some scrap booking supplies from the craft shop. I have two scrapbooks on the go at the minute, and the items bought will make some lovely pages. I shall post pictures on here once they've been finished.

My mind is always rattling around with ideas, sometimes I wish I could spend all day "playing".

I'm very often up until the early hours on my days off, stamping, painting, cutting, stitching and knitting. It's a good job hubby is on nights! The housework has to follow of course next day, sometimes flying through it in a blur to get back to the exciting things.

Even though there's only the two of us at home now, I still batch bake with cakes and pastries, hoping that this saves time and maybe money.

If we spent all our time doing the things we had to do, we wouldn't get to do the things we want to do, and I'm just trying to do it all I suppose, but then I'm not on my own am I?

See you soon.

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