Friday, 22 July 2011

Going digital

A few months ago my poor old (10years) desktop computer finally gave out and I had a new laptop. I have to say, that it did take me quite a while to get used to it and when I did I bought myself this.....
....I did have a desktop publishing suite but it wasn't compatible with the new laptop.
For the last few weeks, (between knitting) I have been playing and learning how and what it does. I'm sure that I've only just scraped the surface, slowly and surely I've been teaching myself.
Being an avid papercrafter I wasn't sure how I would take to using it,after all it's just pressing buttons ( or so I thought) but it is amazing what it can do, ( but I'm sure there are lots of you out there who already know this, and are probably wondering what the fuss is about) so I thought I'd show you my first steps in digital scrapbooking, featuring our grandchilden, and hubby.
My first attempt was a page of Harvey and Lily at Twycross Zoo...
....then I did a page of little Evie and her icecream....
....and not a spot of icecream was spilt I can tell you!
Then I did a page of Mary-Ann... asleep, and then I made another.... this time I was discovering more. My final page (for the moment) is this one.....
....I took this picture whilst we were up at Chatsworth last week.
I know It's going to be an ongoing process, and so much more can be achieved. But it won't stop me from cutting paper,using stamps,paints, glues and glitters, as I love it too much. I'm looking at it as another facet to a wonderful creative world. One which seems to be changing all the time.

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  1. What lovely pictures of your children and husband (?), I assume, sorry if not LOL. You did a wonderful job then on your first attempt! Really nice!