Saturday, 24 April 2010

Family Favourites.

I know, some of you (probably my age and older!) will be thinking of that programme which used to be on the radio, and humming along to the theme tune. Which is what I thought of myself as I typed the title to this post. What I was think of, was on the food side of family favourites.
Although both our children now have homes and children of their own, when baking day arrives somehow I still have them in mind.
I usually do a batch bake and freeze, unless I have something special to make, like when we go to visit our daughter.
I usually bake these, my daughters favourites .....

so they get packed up safely for the journey south.
My son and his family, also like cupcakes, but his favourite is this....

I always used to use butter cream or fresh cream as a filling, but family's favourite is marscapone cheese and icing sugar mix. Mmmm! When the fresh british strawberries are in season, they look lovely between the layers and taste so good!
Hubby's favourite is this.....

....Dorset apple cake, made to a traditional Dorset recipe. Served with a helping of clotted or double cream. (My favourite too, I think!). I usually end up making two of these, as one goes off to work with hubby, ( when it's his turn to take a treat in!).
But we all love this...

...rhubarb pie. I soak the rhubarb in orange juice and add fresh ginger. Serve with lashings of hot custard.
There is nothing more special than home baked food. It's so easy to pick something up from the supermarket on your weekly shopping trip. But I'd much rather do it my way.
Now, I'm sure there's some cake left...isn't there?


  1. Note to self "Don't visit Linda's Blog BEFORE breakfast". I have a cold and am not up to baking, maybe I can get a child to do it, hmmm...

  2. Oh my you have my mouth watering! Those desserts look delish!