Wednesday, 3 April 2013

It's all in the maths....isn't it?

Sometimes, you  notice things which make you think " Are people crazy!"
The cost of living is going up daily, no one is getting a pay increase, and bills just keep soaring. So why is it, that some people still seem to have money to burn? Do they have no idea what they spend, or is it a case of "when it's gone , it's gone?"
Whenever I need to buy anything I look for the best value. I don't mean the cheapest, because that can be false economy. I also want things to last.
Over the last week or so there have been a few instances which have amazed me.
I was sitting having a well earned cuppa  and I switched on the telly to "channel hop" for a few minutes. There was a "Superscrimpers" programme on and  someone was telling us all how to "frugally" clean our toilet. I watched in amazement as she proceeded to shake about half a tub of bicarb all over the toilet basin, then she added about one third of a bottle of white vinegar, and then to top it off used essential oil.
Sorry, that is not frugal.Modern flush toilets don't require much cleaning solutions if they are flushed and brushed regularly.  Ordinary brown malt vinegar can be used for any cleaning job, and is cheaper that white. The smell evaporates quickly and does just as good a job. I wouldn't waste essential oil in a toilet, I don't see the point!

Anyway, back to the channel hopping.  I noticed that these were being sold in a pack of three....
.....sticky pens, to pick up tiny beads etc. These were being sold  for £8.99 for the pack of three plus £2.99 postage and packing. WHAT!!!!
These pens are used for nail art. They pick up your tiny embellishment with the sticky end.  These particular ones are similar to the chinagraph markers, where you pull the thread instead of sharpening with a pencil sharpener.
I bought two of these pencils (mine are the ones which you have top sharpen) and it cost me 99p for the two, with free p and p. I bought mine for craft use, on cards and boxes.
I was totally amazed as the presenter said that the item was "flying out of the door".  By this time I was doing my Victor Meldrew impression!
Enough, turn it off and carry on doing what I was doing.
I'm always looking to increase my Sizzix die collection. But they have to be ones which have multiple uses and not "fashionable"  ones. Well what really amazes me is when second hand dies sell for extortionate amounts. For example I saw one of the Tim Holtz bigz dies (used) and it sold on EBay for over £28, people were putting bids on like crazy, plus the p and p was £3.50!.I bought the same die, brand new, from a craft shop via the web for £10.00 and it was free p and p!  Why don't people shop around, don't they want to save money?
it's all in the maths... isn't it?


  1. Nice to see you back Linda! I agree, I watched one of those scrimper programmes too and thought what a lot of rubbish! I had to laugh about your Sizzix experience too, I had gone on Ebay recently as I saw a die I could use and it went for silly money! I also said you could buy it cheaper in the shops and not have to pay the postage! people are stupid, I ended up getting two dies that did the same picture, I borrowed one and got the other in a sale in a shop for £5! Although I have to say it made me think I should get some of my Sizzix dies onto Ebay and get some serious money for them lol. x

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