Thursday, 27 September 2012

The greenest of men!

We had a long weekend away last week, to visit family. We also stayed one night at Ye Old Ferrie Inn, on the banks of the beautiful river Wye. it was a lovely stay, good accommodation, great food. This was the view from our window. was wonderful, and one night wasn't enough, but it was all the time we had. Anyway we did a round trip of the places we love which we hadn't visited for a few years. One of the places was Tintern Abbey, a beautiful tranquil place. Whilst there we went into the studio of The Spirit of The Green Man. Now I have a passion for green men, I only have had two which I'd bought a few years ago. This was the first one I bought....
...I bought him from a wonderful shop in Hawes, a couple of years ago. He stands about 18" tall. he graces our patio all year round. The second one we bought in Dorset about a year ago.....
..He's a wall hanging, I bought him in his "raw" state, he was just plain terracotta. I painted him with Plaid outdoor paint and gave him a few extra touches with gold paint. But now I have two more. The first one is Orrik....
....he is a wall hanging man, and to accompany him is Bat
....they are both waiting to be hung in their places. They are just wonderful. I know there are people out there who are not keen on these types of garden decoration, but I adore them and wouldn't want anything else. BUT, I also love dragons, witches and fairies. I do have a wooden dragon chime in the garden.
I'm sure that I shall be adding to my collection again at some point. Now that autumn is here there are so many wonderful things to enjoy. I love autumn and all that it brings. But more on that another time. I have a huge pile of ironing waiting for me ( I knew I shouldn't have left it for so long) and then it's time for some autumn baking!

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  1. I must admit Linda I find masks a bit scary! I love fairies and dragons though. I'm just back from holiday so I too have a huge pile of ironing but its sunny here for a change so I'm going to abandon that and get out into the garden to enjoy it for the short time before winter sets in.