Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sunday at Sudbury

We paid a visit to Sudbury last Sunday. We wouldn't normally visit National Trust places at the weekends as they're so busy, but we were in the area and thought we'd stop by. This was our first visit for just over a year.
...On this visit it wasn't our intention to go into the hall, we just wanted to go to the Museum of Childhood and to look around the grounds and take a few nature shots.
The museum is forever changing and is always worth a visit. They offer so much to visitors and there is always a packed programme of events.
If you want to take a look the link is here

There are new exhibitions for this year,and it's wonderful to see all these things in one place, even toys which you may still have yourself, (like Thunderbirds Tracy Island). But for me it's not about the massed produced toys it's about the handmade, homemade toys. If you should pay a visit, take a good look at the Betty Cadbury collection, these toys and games date from the 4th to the 20st century. See if you can spot the handmade snake, made from old postage stamps, made in the 18th century.
Here's a bit more information on the Betty Cadbury collection.
I did take a few pictures, it was a lovely day...
.....just a gentle breeze....
.....I hope there are lots more days like this to come this spring...
It really does give you a spring in your step!

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