Saturday, 19 February 2011

Out with the old, in with the new!

Sounds like a "New Year" saying, but it isn't. I mean that at long last I am now using my new laptop (and trying to get used to it!) My poor old pc has finally gone. I can't complain, it was nine years old and I was used to it, and it did what I wanted it to do albeit slowly. But it was getting far to slow and seemed to groan every time I wanted it to accomplish more than one task, it didn't have much memory, and it struggled its way through everything.
Now I'm using my new slimline laptop, it feels quite strange. I'm not using a mouse, which is okay until I use my graphics programme. I shall persevere and see what happens.
I recently treated myself to Serif Craft Artist Platinum. It has so many features and wonderful gadgets. I have loads of photographs to put into scrapbooks, it should be quite a treat playing with it!
As the days are beginning to get longer (at last) my thoughts have been turning to the garden. Just last week our local council removed two large diseased sycamore trees which grew adjacent to our house. They were getting so big that our back garden was shaded for most of the day. Now it will be bathed in sunshine all day, (hopefully) and we've been planning some new plants and shrubs.
Whilst we were at B and Q I bought these..

....I thought these varieties will grow well with the roses, I can almost smell them now!
I also bought this home with me.....

....we have a couple of rooms which we want to decorate, so we're browsing the colour choices. Don't you just love the cover shot on this booklet, I do!
So I've plenty to be going on with, now all we need is some dry bright weather to get us all in the springtime mode. Here's hoping we don't have too long to wait!
Happy Weekend!

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