Thursday, 18 November 2010

The last one!

It's always a shame to see the end of the roses as autumn turns to winter. But there's still plenty of colour left, for now.
We have quite a few pots with autumn flowering plants and some winter pansies, which are looking really lovely even though we've had some dreadful wet and windy weather.
Hopefully, at the weekend, we shall take a walk along to the marina ( which is close by) and get a few canalside shots. it's always nice to walk along there whatever the weather or time of year.

I just managed to catch this shot of the light on a pansy in the garden,I love the way shafts of light expose the smallest thing to show off its beauty,


and there's always plenty of these for the compost bin...

..... I love autumn, don't you?


  1. Beautiful! Yes Autumn is very special around here too. What would we do without the leaves for the compost.

  2. Your roses are so gorgeous!

    Fall has fell in southern Indiana. Yikes! We may have some icy roads in the morning and the following day.