Saturday, 31 July 2010

TIME TRAVELLING (part one!!)

Here we are, midsummer already. Everyone's either going or been on their holidays, from far off places to the nearest of coasts, or a favourite destination.
For me, a holiday is about visiting places, seeing and experiencing new things. I've never been one for sitting on a beach for two weeks, I can't stand being hot. Some may say it's my age (!) but I've been like it since I was a child.
I love our climate, and the changing of the seasons, it's so varied.
For this years holiday, we had planned a two week walking holiday in Northumberland.
Unfortunately it didn't happen. After a fall last year, my knee has got progressively worse and a walking holiday was out. I shall need surgery but at the moment I'm trying to carry on as normal as possible, which is difficult at times.
So I thought I would take you on a travelling expedition through my blog of some of my favourite places. But what does the "time travelling" title mean? Well hopefully you can view a vision of the past through my visits to various places.
When I was at school, history really didn't interest me. We went too far back in time. The battle of Hastings wasn't close enough to the eras that I was interested in. Modern history was more relevant to me, what the lives of the last five or six generations of my family were like. Something I could see, and try to be a part of.
So I'll begin my travels with you and our first stop is....Whitby, on the Yorkshire coast

The ruins of St. Hilda's Abbey dominate the skyline.....

along side this is the church of St. Mary's. It was here that Bram Stoker found inspiration for his world famous novel Dracula.
and spreading below, ( after you have descended the 199 steps) you will walk along the maze of alleyways and streets with some wonderful shops....

...... which run down to the quayside....'s lovely to walk along here, come rain or shine.

I've often wondered what it would have been like 100 years ago, when my grandparents were small and they visited.
There are many themed weekends which happen in Whitby. On our last visit, there had just been a Gothic weekend, photographs were on display in the visitor and information centre. They were absolutely stunning, and the costumes were wonderful. A real inspiration for anyone.

.... then when you get hungry, go here for lunch.....

.... you can eat in, or take out, but i would recommend you eat in the restaurant, you won't be disappointed. They serve some of the finest fish and chips I have ever tasted!
We're going to move on now, and visit York but first stop.....
it's time for afternoon tea, and we find ourselves at Betty's in York...

we'll just take a peek in the window, (while we're waiting for a table) just to see what we shall be taking with us when we leave....

..... once we've eaten we shall continue our journey.
If you'd like to know more about Whitby, I have put a link in below, there's also one for Betty's.
Enjoy, Linda



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